The Ginomees Trilogy

“Without a hat a ginomee is nothing!”

So says Winston, the despicable leader of the Greenhills garden ginomees. I have no name and I have no hat, thinks Noname. Everyone else has a name and a hat. Winston must be right, I must be a nothing. Read More >

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“The one who turns from wood to bone, and then in turn from bone to stone, must face the giants all alone.

With Olive the Oracle’s words ringing in his ears, Noname sets out to battle the fearsome Ginogle, half eagle, half ginomee, and sworn enemy of all wild ginomees. Read More >

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“What happens when you roll a six?

You have to roll again!

After discovering his true identity and unlocking the secret of the Clonestone, Eamonn sets off with his clones to find the legendary Ginomehenge, a magic portal that takes them far across the universe to Planet Magnetica. There Eamonn meets his grandfather, the mighty Ginomus  Giganticus, creator of them all. Read More >