Stories by Ali Foster. Illustrated by Viv Walker.

The true story of bird enthusiast Elwyn Welch and his small bantam hen and their fascinating journey in the late 1950’s to help save the takahe – the New Zealand native bird that was once thought to be extinct.

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Elwyn’s Dream is available from Random House and selected bookstores.

Based on a true story, The Eels of ANZAC Bridge tells two tales entwined in one: the incredible life cycle of the long-finned eel, and a young man’s journey across the world to the Great War.

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The Eels of ANZAC Bridge is available from Wairarapa Archives and selected bookstores

A Beam of Bright Light was written to celebrate 100 years in the life of a lighthouse. It tells the fascinating story of the Castlepoint Lighthouse, constructed and initially erected in the heart of Wellington City, New Zealand in 1912.

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A Beam of Bright Light is currently ‘out of print’