The Eels of ANZAC Bridge

Based on a true story, The Eels of ANZAC Bridge tells two tales entwined in one: the incredible life cycle of the long-finned eel, and a young man’s journey across the world to the Great War. The writer gently explains the cycles of life and death, while giving the young reader hope that life will continue.

Children worldwide are fascinated by the mystery of eels and The Eels of ANZAC Bridge has been used to raise awareness of the plight of the long-finned eel, a growing concern in both Northern and Southern hemispheres. A heart-warming historical tale that promotes the universal themes of conservation and sustainability.

With 2014 seeing the onset of four years commemoration of World War One, there is much global interest in stories surrounding the war. The Eels of ANZAC Bridge offers a gentle starting point for adults to talk to young family members about loved ones lost in the war, or for older children to explore the topic themselves.

The Eels of ANZAC Bridge……a thoughtful, but beautiful tale….the story stirred contemplation……’ Heartfelt